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Increase console output size in Intellij idea

December 17, 2008 8 comments

I’ve found that in the eighth release of idea IDE, the “Limit Run/Debug Console Output” setting is gone so actually the only way for increasing the console output size is to set the idea.cycle.buffer.size value in

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Printing sql statements using oracle jdbc driver features on jboss

December 11, 2008 3 comments

I’m tring to print all the sql statements executed by oracle jdbc driver (ojdbc14.jar).

It seems that the logging is possible only with java.util.logging feature, i’ve followed this paper to set the logger, in particular:

i’ve added this jvm parameters to jboss java options:


furthermore i’ve used ojdbc14_g.jar library insted of ojbc14.jar.

With this configuration, it writes a jdbc.log file containing all the logs from ojdbc14_g.jar library.
The first problem I encountered is the duplication of log entries in the jboss server.log.
The second problem is that the generated logs don’t contain the sql statements but other less important infos.

This last problem seems due to the library version less then

I’m going to try a different driver version…

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This is my first post

December 11, 2008 Leave a comment

Hi, i’m an italian guy working for an IT company.

This blog contains notes about my work…

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